From the Chef

The NY Garden Deli has refreshed itself in 2015, and Food and Beverage Director Jose Fraire spilled all the details!  From the meaning of “Premium Quality Food”, to hot new specials, and even complimentary wine tastings, Jose shed useful insight on the new and improved restaurant.

Jose Facing Front


Tell me about the Deli. What does Premium Quality Food mean?

The NY Garden Deli is one of the few deli restaurants around the neighborhood but we are number one in food quality. We have the best meats – Boar’s Head – and we use fresh bakery bread every single day. We have delivery every single morning. All the ingredients we use are made from scratch. Other places use cans for soup and salad dressings, and you can taste the difference.

Last week we had around 20 different people that I had never seen before. It means that they heard about it, someone had recommended it. We have a lot of companies around the business. The people that work there know our quality and that’s why they keep coming every day.

What are the most popular sandwiches or food items?

Our most popular sandwich right now is the Spicy Chicken Sandwich. I created it 2 years ago. It was a new item on the menu and we sell it like crazy. Now we serve it at Bistro 39 Restaurant and Bar so if they want it outside of our hours they can get it.




You added salads this year?

Yes, we’ve added salads, most of which are gluten free.

What else is different about the Deli?

This year we refreshed the Deli – the food and the way it looks. Now we have wine tastings every day if they want. Whenever they want for free. We also have wine bottles for sale if they’d like.

And craft beers?

Yes we have bottles of craft beer [check out the list here].





Do you have gluten free and / or vegetarian options?

Yes the salads are gluten free and vegetarian.  If they want a gluten free sandwich they can replace the bread with a lettuce wrap.

How do you make sure that your team makes the orders fast during lunch?

During the rush we have 2 people working on the sandwiches, one is making them and one is packing it. A lot of people know the menu already, so they call in the sandwich beforehand. We have a lot of regulars.  We make it quick for the customer because a lot of people only have 30 minutes, or only one hour, so they don’t have time to sit down and wait too long for their food.




What is your favorite Build-Your-Own sandwich?

I like to try different styles, but I like the Pastrami meat on Rye bread with jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, deli mustard.  I live for spicy!

Do you have any final goals for this year?

The goal is always the guest and the goal is always to help the guest.  To make them happy and make them what they want, to have good food for them and to enjoy good food. Right now, they are enjoying the food, so that’s one of the good things.

Another goal is to be better, to be the number one around. We want to expand beyond the neighborhood and have more people come from different places to enjoy our food.

And for me?  Just keep growing, keep learning. I love my job, I’m enjoying what I do, and that’s a blessing. What else can we ask, right?